Programme 2015

Talks begin at 6pm and the events will last one hour and a half.

30 June: Mediating medicine- from pain to puppets

Sondos Ibrahim

It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it: story-telling and invisible illness

Gabrielle Smith

Dr Ranj and Get Well Soon: presenters, puppets and performance for pre-school television.

14 July: The importance of being earnest: public participation in humanities research

Rachel Ramsey

What does below mean?

Megan Hunt

‘He was shot because America will not give up on racism’: The legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. in British schools

This event has been kindly supported by the Martin Luther King Peace Committee.

 28 July: Dangerous Women in Film and Fiction

Leanne Cane

Learning from reading in the novels of Charlotte Smith

Rui Oliveira

From Exploitation to Heroine: The Female Body/Character in Spanish Horror Film

11 August: Language Use(r)s: Myths, Beliefs, Perceptions

Gerrit Kotzur

Linguistic Fairy Tales – And How to Disenchant Them

Judith Taylor

Who do they think you are?

25 August: The British Wartime Government – Humanitarian or Ruthless?

Stuart Anderson

Women Conscientious Objectors in the North-East of England during the Second World War

Diana Packer

Can we rescue the children? Jewish refugees in 1943

8 September: Telling Political Tales: Creative approaches to exploring political issues

Tracey Iceton

“Let Me Do This Little Thing.” – Exploring the cult of Irish martyrdom in contemporary creative writing practice

David Spain

Does politics as a subject matter and discourse present a specific challenge to creative prose fiction?

Jack Weatherston

How the West has Warmed: The Western and Climate Change


The Series has been made possible by funding from the Northumbria University Institute of Humanities and the Northumbria University Graduate School.


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