Northumbria Summer Speaker Series 2016

Welcome to the blog of the Northumbria University Summer Speaker Series. The Series is back for its fifth year and offers free public talks in central Newcastle by PhD researchers in the Northumbria University Departments of Humanities and Media and Communication Design to be held over six nights from June to September 2016. For the first five nights the Series will return to the much-loved local landmark that is the Mining Institute. The final night of the Series will be hosted by Northern Stage.

 Each night of the Series features two or three talks from PhD students from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds on a central theme. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and discuss some of the innovative research being carried out by PhD students at Northumbria. Light refreshments will be served and after the talks and questions have finished there will be an opportunity to continue the discussion at a local pub.

 Talks begin at 6pm and the events will last one hour and a half.


30 June: Mediating medicine- from pain to puppets

Sondos Ibrahim

It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it: story-telling and invisible illness

Gabrielle Smith

Dr Ranj and Get Well Soon: presenters, puppets and performance for pre-school television.

14 July: The importance of being earnest: public participation in humanities research

Rachel Ramsey

What does below mean?

Megan Hunt

‘He was shot because America will not give up on racism’: The legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. in British schools

This event has been kindly supported by the Martin Luther King Peace Committee.

 28 July: Dangerous Women in Film and Fiction

Leanne Cane

Learning from reading in the novels of Charlotte Smith

Rui Oliveira

From Exploitation to Heroine: The Female Body/Character in Spanish Horror Film

11 August: Language Use(r)s: Myths, Beliefs, Perceptions

Gerrit Kotzur

Linguistic Fairy Tales – And How to Disenchant Them

Judith Taylor

Who do they think you are?

25 August: The British Wartime Government – Humanitarian or Ruthless?

Stuart Anderson

Women Conscientious Objectors in the North-East of England during the Second World War

Diana Packer

Can we rescue the children? Jewish refugees in 1943

8 September: Telling Political Tales: Creative approaches to exploring political issues

Tracey Iceton

“Let Me Do This Little Thing.” – Exploring the cult of Irish martyrdom in contemporary creative writing practice

David Spain

Does politics as a subject matter and discourse present a specific challenge to creative prose fiction?

Jack Weatherston

How the West has Warmed: The Western and Climate Change


The Series has been made possible by funding from the Northumbria University Institute of Humanities and the Northumbria University Graduate School.


Follow the Series @NUSummerSpeaker or using the hashtag #NSSS2016.

Find us on Facebook: Northumbria Summer Speaker Series


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